Sunday, October 10, 2010

senior: thesis illustration1

so for my thesis i'll be illustrating CS Lewis' first two novels from the chronicles of narnia: the magician's nephew and the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. this is my first finish, however it seems inevitable that i'll be redoing it. this is the scene when susan and lucy are walking with aslan, not knowing that he's on his way to the stone table where he will be sacrificing himself to the queen in exchange for edmund's freedom. what i'm working on now is vectorizing the shapes to be sent to the laser-cutters. this will make more complex shapes possible, and in the future, when i WON'T be doing doubles of everything, it will hopefully eliminate tedious tracing, transfers and cuttings, and speed the process up a little. i'd also like to try using more textures and papers in the finishes. these will all be 8x12 in their original format, brought down to 6x9 for the book.

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