Sunday, September 12, 2010

london: rainbow crow

in london we were asked to propose a children's book by story boarding twelve spreads, and finishing four. i did a native american folk tale called the rainbow crow. it starts out with the world being very cold. the animals talk about sending someone to an angel in the sky, and they settle on the rainbow crow. he flies to the angel and she gives him a stick of fire and tells him he must hurry back to earth or it will burn out. he flies so fast that he chars his beautiful feathers to a dull black. he's saved the world but he is very sad at his loss, so the angel talks to him. she says that man will never cage him because he no longer has a beautiful singing voice, but that you will still see every color in the rainbow beneath the black of his feathers, to remind the animals of his bravery.

i still have not bothered to put the text in. the first spread will not have text, the second and last one are pretty clear, and the dark one will have text on the top left and bottom right. they are all cut paper and all the color is painted in gouache

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