Saturday, September 11, 2010

london: turban

here's my primary piece for our freshly pressed exhibit (one's digital). i originally did an etching of the portrait using aquatint, intending to then screen print the color on top. when i finally printed it though, i was really disappointed with the results. that's the scary thing about etching. you can work on something for days and not know what you're getting until you're horribly invested. anyway i cut my losses and screen printed the entire thing. the reason there's so much texture is that i actually pushed gouache through the silk and got this weird weave. i actually came to really like it, and each piece is completely different. i wish i had photos of all of them, because some are better than this, and it's cool to see the temperamental results i got using the gouache. some came out almost creamy and then others more like this. also these were all printed at about 4am in my bedroom with the screen TAPED TO MY DESK as a hinge. haha

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