Sunday, September 12, 2010

senior year!

now i'm finally up to date on most of my past work! entering the first semester of my senior year i'm thinking about my senior thesis, an illustrated box set of C.S. lewis' two novels, the magician's nephew, and the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. i'm also taking an etching class, and the zine class with stephen. and because of my digital class i hope to get my website back up and running. writing code is probably the most miserable thing in the world, but i've done it before, i should do it again.

barcelona: horses

this is a long development of horse illustrations. it started out with a small sketch that then inspired a sketch for the black and white collage. this turned into the red and pink trojan horse, and finally the more simple blue and green one. the red a pink horse is watercolor, and the blue and green is watercolor on cut paper

barcelona: little red riding hood

a little red riding hood poster. cut paper

barcelona: the emperor's new clothes

an illustration from the children's story, the emperor's new clothes. still not 100% finished. i made a illustrator mock up that perfects all the little problems from the original scan. maybe one day i'll repaint it, or maybe use the digital file to stencil fun textures into the precise shapes. the original, however, is gouache

barcelona: zoo

still not quite satisfied with the finishes. i plan to try one more time, similar to the blurry photo: loose watercolor and strict line.

barcelona: sketchbook

sirens from the odyssey

barcelona: monster child

this project was to make a children's magazine cover with a back-to-school theme. since i kind of hate children i made a little monster instead. similar right? the final is oil pastel on cut paper

barcelona: underwear collage

lol so we had about a half hour to collage a fashion illustration from magazine clippings. made me feel like i was in middle school again, but i actually think mine is pretty funny

barcelona: aquarius

we were all given a zodiac sign to make a fashion illustration of

barcelona: elephants and rockets

this was an exercise where we were given key words that had to all be featured in one 15 minute illustration. the words were: elephant, crocodile, house, garden, lightning, and rocket.

barcelona: the stranger

we were asked to design book covers for a novel of our choice. i did the stranger by albert camus. the final was actually mixed media but i didn't really like how it came out so i never scanned it and i haven't bothered to do it since. but for the process i did two illustrator mock ups to see if i liked the composition in color. in the end this piece has a lot of problems and i honestly don't want to look at it for a long time lol

london: rainbow crow

in london we were asked to propose a children's book by story boarding twelve spreads, and finishing four. i did a native american folk tale called the rainbow crow. it starts out with the world being very cold. the animals talk about sending someone to an angel in the sky, and they settle on the rainbow crow. he flies to the angel and she gives him a stick of fire and tells him he must hurry back to earth or it will burn out. he flies so fast that he chars his beautiful feathers to a dull black. he's saved the world but he is very sad at his loss, so the angel talks to him. she says that man will never cage him because he no longer has a beautiful singing voice, but that you will still see every color in the rainbow beneath the black of his feathers, to remind the animals of his bravery.

i still have not bothered to put the text in. the first spread will not have text, the second and last one are pretty clear, and the dark one will have text on the top left and bottom right. they are all cut paper and all the color is painted in gouache

london: the lion and the mouse

when i was considering a story for my children's book i thought about doing the story of the lion and the mouse. in the end i decided that the story was too short, but i'd like to do it one day

london: freshly pressed

i took part in a show called freshly pressed, along with nine other students. it was a four day exhibition on all methods of print making.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

london: the show

the space was great! it was a sunny loft on the third floor.
opening night was a huge success, and it turned into a frenzy of buying that we hadn't really expected. everyone in the group sold something which was a nice boost.
here's our printing station. we had a bed for screen printing and also a relief press for live demonstrations and workshops. the clips were for drying, and during the opening we clipped up posters describing all the different methods of printing to be seen in the show: lithography, screen, relief, rico, and etching.
here's our "shop" where there were loose prints, zines, and the risographs we each made.

london: my group

here's some work by my group members!