Sunday, December 19, 2010

senior: carriage rides

this is a scene where jadis, after running off into london, returns to the house atop a horse drawn cab running wildly down the street. in hind sight i'm not sure why i committed to doing this piece when i could have easily found a more magical scene that needed illustrating. regardless, i'm fairly proud of this piece, even though it's one of my least favorite lol. how can that be?! first of all this was one of the most complex ones, containing 68 pieces. the cobblestones are actually all slightly attached, which i thought was kind of clever and was a lot of work for such a dry subject. i guess the reason i was so proud of this piece is that i don't enjoy architectural pieces, and there was so much perspective in this compared to the others. still i didn't bother giving most of the cab dimension, the sidewalk should be cobblestoned as well, and there should be some kind of potted plant or fire hydrant along the sidewalk to make it look more natural and filled up.

gouache on cut paper 8x12"
68 paper pieces

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