Sunday, December 19, 2010

senior: mr. tumnas

this piece is one of my favorites, and is the first of five images for the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. mr tumnas is a fawn, half man, half goat, and is found wearing a red scarf and carrying brown paper parcels and an umbrella past the illusive lamppost. this was the first piece i did and it's made up of 55 separate pieces of cut paper (made possible through use of the laser cutter). for instance, his face is actually three pieces, not one. there's a black layer that extends out to make his eyes (the eyelashes actually got cut out!) and on top of that there is the top and bottom half of his face, separated just a fraction to make the contour of his nose. the black of his open mouth is also cut out. similarly his horns have a all-encompassing gold layer underneath a brown piece with the ridges cut away. designing these pieces became a fun game of figuring out the most efficient way of getting what i wanted, and however excessive some of the puzzling may seem, it actually was only done if i thought it would make my life easier. (some of the times i was wrong ;)

gouache and watercolor on cut paper 8x12"
55 paper pieces

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