Sunday, December 19, 2010

senior: the woods between the worlds

this is the scene where digory is transported to the woods between the worlds via enchanted rings and the pool designated to his world (london). already here is polly, who, under the environment's overly-peaceful influence, is asleep by a tree. this is an example of an overly ambitious design-decision on my part. the grass is made up of rings of different green atop a field of gold. not only did green prove a very annoying color to mix (all gouache hues perform and react differently to treatments) but the edges of all the rings also had to be painted. in all my cleverness i hid connections between the rings behind the trees, so that most of the grass was technically one piece and would stay together. while this helped with the issue of alignment, the gaps between the rings was so small it was difficult to paint the edges of one side without painting the edge of the other side. and while this usually wasn't a huge deal, it usually wasn't just the wrong edge that got effected but the places that are easily seen. in conclusion, the rings were not worth the trouble they caused, and i'm not even sure the color green you experience is the right one!

gouache on cut paper 8x12"
35 paper pieces

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