Sunday, December 19, 2010

senior: flight

this is the scene where the horse from the previous piece has been given wings, courtesy of aslan, and has been asked to take digory and polly to the forbidden garden to retrieve an enchanted apple. the garden is described as sitting on a hilltop unreachable by foot, nestled in the mountains. i went through a lot of ideas for color in this piece because some of it was looking too tropical. in the end i went for a dry looking palette that accentuates the improbably lush growth of an enchanted, unattainable, basically deserted garden.

while i love the color of the sky with all it's flatness. this piece is still lacking something and probably could have done with a watercolor sky or maybe some indication of clouds. also it's probably pretty obvious that i was blatantly avoiding drawing the children on his back, even though in hindsight it really wouldn't have been that hard lol.

gouache on cut paper 8x12"
47 paper pieces

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